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Hatching the SQLChicken

Hello world! Sorry, just seemed like the appropriate way to kick off this blog. If you’re reading this you probably Googled technology, sql and chicken which makes me think you’re a mad scientist (and that’s awesome), you’re looking to cure your insomnia or you got rickrolled on Twitter to get here. Either way thanks for reading!

As for the moniker I’ve decided to take a page from SQLBatman and SQLFool (both awesome SQL bloggers for those who don’t know) and create an alter ego for my online presence in the community which is memorable. Why SQLChicken you may ask? Well for one its easier to remember than my real name and two I have a rubber chicken hanging on my wall that we in the office squeek every time something goes down. Some days its quieter than others…*le sigh* The chicken was a gift from my uncle-in-law who gives them out to people who will appreciate them. Obviously he knows me well. Also it allows me to make quirky, cheesy puns like the title of this article. Boo yah – two birds, one stone…errr egg? Ok, I’ll get better at this…hopefully. I also have to give a special thanks to Brent Ozar of Quest Software and SQLServerpedia for writing a great starter guide for tech blogs. I highly suggest you check it out!

A little about me: My name is Jorge Segarra. I work for University Community Hospital in (mostly) sunny Tampa, Florida as a SQL DBA and system administrator. I have a beautiful wife and some four-legged children. Yes they’re pets…damn that probably sounds weird too…we have 2 cats and a dog. There, that makes me look a little more sane and not like I have mutant children we imprison. I’ll shut up now. You can follow me on Twitter, my newest tech addiction, at

Anywho, I’ll be blogging about mostly SQL-related stuff but also anything in technology that tickles my fancy at the time. Hopefully you find this blog somewhat interesting, entertaining and useful!