SQL Rap by DJ Majik Poultry

Yo…check it. I’m sittin’ here chillin with my Tweetdeck rollin’
When I get word of a SQL Rap contest, the illest rhymes we be extollin’
What’s up for grabs is an iPod Touch
Whatcha gotta do? Well, it ain’t much
Cook up the illest rhymes and sell em like a 3rd party tool
And this first rhyme I’m spittin is aimed at SQLFool

Go-daddy, Go-momma don’t matter the sexI suck at this
This contest brings the baddest DBA’s like an ill-formed Index
What you and Ward started, like Ma$e can’t be stopped
These other sucka emcees are just another table my T-SQL’s gonna drop

Now Ward, aka the SQLTwit
Ready yourself for these rhymes I’m about to spit

You live in the woods, probably pickin berries
Since you’re backwoods I don’t wanna make this too complex like queries
Your lyrical rap styles are tuned like fine code
I heard you can ask for the BrentO discount when purchasing Quest Toad

Speaking of Brent O, his raps are well taken
Damn rapping about him now makes me crave #bacon
He looks like the SQL world’s Tina Fey
Next time you drop by Twitter, drop him a line and say ‘HEYYYY’

My VM snapshots are wrapping up from their orphaned state madness
Sorry to leave you guys with much lyrical sadness
These rhymes are whack but my skills are finger lickin’
So peace to your mothers, a love note from the SQL Chicken!

One Reply to “SQL Rap by DJ Majik Poultry”

  1. Yo dawg, you have the mad skillz. That rhyme was wiggida, wiggida, wack. Peace out

    L to Edwards

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