PowerShell: Giving in to the Inevitable?

Here’s a quick question posed to my technical brethren: Have you drank the PowerShell Kool-Aid yet?

I’ve sat back and tested the waters here and there and I see that you can do some pretty cool stuff with it but I’m an admitted GUI lover at the moment so what does this buy me? This topic comes on the heels of the Microsoft Tech-Ed keynote and the fact that PowerShell scripts will now be generated on-the-fly ala SQL Server Management Studio did for T-SQL (Thanks Brent Ozar for pointing this out). I’ll admit I have learned quite a lot just in T-SQL by using that Script To function but will having this power in PowerShell really do much for me? What are your thoughts? Comment your techy hearts out.

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  1. I don’t know any Powershell, and not sure I want or need to. I think it is a tool for guys with many DB’s and servers whereas I only have a single production server and a development server so I don’t think I’ll gain back the time taken to learn it.

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