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Good day students! Unfortunately your professor who was supposed to cover indexes (that’s a pun, you’ll learn why in the following lessons) fell ill so we had to call in a guest professor. I’m honored to introduce to you professor Gail Shaw (Blog | Interview)! Gail has written a series of articles on indexes at SQLServerCentral.com. In order to read these articles you will have to create an account, don’t worry it’s free and HIGHLY recommended as SQL Server Central has some of the best SQL material around!

So without further ado, here are your indexing lessons for the week:

Introduction to Indexes

The Clustered Index

The Non-Clustered Index

Supplemental indexing material:

Additional Indexing articles by Gail Shaw (from her blog) Recommended Reading

Index Primer-Just what statistics are Kept? (author: Josef Richberg)

A big “thank you” again to Gail for giving us permission to add her work to the SQL University curriculum! Don’t forget to head over to the basketball court and let coach Tom Larock help you put your newfound skills to the test.

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