SQL University: School is Back in Session

rodney-back-to-school If you missed my recent Twitter announcement, SQL University’s next semester is going to start back up on Monday April 12th. This semester will start with Creative Writing week (aka Documentation). I’ll post the full semester’s schedule and topics shortly over on the main page. This semester I’m happy to say we have a lot of new professors on board as well as some returning ones as well! Make sure to check the Faculty page to see their bios. I’m very excited this project has been so warmly received by the community (HUGE thank you to you all) and this year we have a few additions to the program to help improve upon SQL University!

One of the most prominent changes you’ll see this year is the addition of a new Community Lecture series. These will be live sessions you will be able to watch that will have SQL experts come on and discuss from a wide range of topics. These lectures will be broadcast via UStream in partnership with the all new SQL Server TV! Another new change you will see is the addition of formal feedback. As in school at the end of each semester, the professor hands out class evaluations so they can get feedback on what worked, what didn’t and how they can improve upon the curriculum. This year at the conclusion of the week’s lesson you will see links on the professor’s pages to their respective class evaluations. My hope is that this feedback will not only help each blogger improve their content, writing styles, etc. but will also help improve the overall quality and value that SQL University delivers to you!

For those visiting the site directly you may have noticed I have given the whole blog a fabulous total makeover. Hopefully this new theme is a little cleaner, nicer and better to navigate. Any feedback you’re willing to give on that front I’m more than open to hearing! Speaking of makeovers, over the coming weeks I will be giving the bookstore a facelift as well. The bookstore will be categorized by content (i.e. Administration, BI, Professional Development, etc.) and I am also going to incorporate some more multimedia resources in there as well such as links to SQLShare.com, podcasts, and more. Again, if you’d like to see something added or incorporated into the bookstore I would love the hear your feedback.

So sharpen your pencils, fire up your SQL Server Management Studio and get ready to hit the books again starting April 12th!

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