PASS Professional Development VC Reboot!

This is just a quick post to let everyone know that this week marks the return of the PASS Professional Development Virtual Chapter! I’ve had the honor of becoming the new VC leader and I’ve got a great group of folks helping me out! Here is your Professional Development Virtual Chapter committee:

Jason Massie (Blog | Twitter)

Kathi Kellenberger (Twitter)

Mark Caldwell (Blog | Twitter)

Big ups to them as they’ve been absolutely awesome in helping get this chapter back up and running and we’re starting back up with quite a bang!

This week the Virtual Chapter reboot starts off with the Godfather himself, Andy Warren (Blog | Twitter), presenting on Building a Comprehensive Professional Development Plan. Here’s what the session will be covering:

A good professional development plan has to go far beyond ‘learning more technology’, it has to encompass the wide variety of skills you need to build the next step in your career, and it has to include a variety of learning methods. We’ll discuss how much time and money you should budget when building your plan, and how the distribution of time and money changes as your career evolves. We’ll look at the growth phases you’ll encounter, learning how you learn best, how to keep up with new technology without burning out, and even how things like blogging and Twitter can be an interesting part of your plan.

The webcast starts on Thursday May 13, 2010 at 1:00 PM Eastern (UTC-4) / 10:00 AM Pacific. You can use this link to join the LiveMeeting or check out our new website at for all the latest news and events going on with the chapter.

We’ve also got some great names lined up for future presentations including Jeremiah Peschka (Blog | Twitter), Andy Leonard (Blog | Twitter), Kevin Kline (Blog | Twitter) and more! So make sure to join us Thursday for a great presentation and the start of another exciting and dynamic virtual chapter.

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