Exceptional DBA of the Year 2010 Finalist!

This post is a tad overdue as the public announcement was a few weeks back but it’s been a topsy-turvy last few months for me. Anyhow this is just a quick post letting you know how absolutely honored and excited I am to be among the finalists for Redgate’s Exceptional DBA of the Year 2010 award!

This year’s award has 6 finalists as opposed to the regular 5 finalists due to the high quality of nominations. I’m happy to say that I personally know two other finalists: Jonathan Kehayias (Blog | Twitter) and Ted Krueger (Blog | Twitter). Both men are SQL Server MVP’s, community speakers, bloggers and all-around absolutely exceptional DBA’s and people. Although I don’t personally know the rest of the finalists (Kevan Riley, John Burnette, and Tracy Hamlin) I’m sure they are equally awesome given their nominations as well. I wish everyone the best of luck and encourage you to go to http://exceptionaldba.com , read everyone’s profile/bios and vote.

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  1. Congratulations Jorge. This nomination is definately well deserved. I personally have enjoyed the work you do to help others like myself in the field and greatly appreciate it.

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