Drawn By the BI Sirens

Pragmatic Sirens
Patrick Is the lead Singer

Sirens. Their sweet songs lured sailors to their deaths in tales of yore. Alas, I too have been drawn by the sweet, sweet siren call of the business intelligence world and the fine folks at PragmaticWorks. I’m very proud to announce that I am officially going to work for PragmaticWorks!

This is a very exciting opportunity for me as I’ve been dying to get more exposure to the BI stack over the years and there is no better place to learn than from the pros at Pragmatic. I’ve likened learning SSIS from Brian Knight to getting Bible lessons straight from Jesus. Okay, might be a slight exaggeration but they both wear sandals 24/7 so you’ve got to give me credit for that connection.

I’d like to thank everyone who helped me out during my job search these last few weeks. The community’s response when I first announced I was looking as well as all the leads and support you guys gave was overwhelmingly awesome and makes me again realize how special and awesome this community is. I’d also like to thank Brian and Adam for taking a chance on bright-eyed, chicken-loving DBA and believing that one day I’ll be able to write an SISS package that actually turns green.

Finally I’d like to apologize to Patrick for including his image in the siren picture. I love Patrick to death and I couldn’t think of a better third person to add in the picture than him! Plus if you’ve heard him speak before you know he’s the lead singer in that group.

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  1. Congrats Jorge,

    I’ve been following you ever since I joined twitter and I must say you are an inspiration to me and many.

    Just curious though, didn’t you recently start a new job working with SQLScottGleason. Based on the tweets it sounded like you were gone during the week and home on weekends(if I followed correctly). Did that pose a big problem? I hope the split was amicable? just wondering what reasons were. I like to hear and learn from others “adventures in the SQL arena”

    COngrats again


    1. Hey Chris, thanks for the kind words! As for the situation here with Scott Gleason it was very good. I’ve been working here in a contract position but due to work coming to an end he understood my reasons for moving on. Scott’s actually been one of my biggest cheerleaders in going to Pragmatic as well all have very tight relationships with the guys over there. In the words of Scott, “That’s what I love about livin’ in the SOUTH!”

  2. Awesome, congrats!!! This is a jump that I’m semi-trying to make as well, since BI is what started me down the DBA path in the first place.

    Best of luck. Hopefully will get to meet you guys in person someday.

  3. That’s one handsome siren! You know you’re just dying to say that nick name you came up with for me! It’s pretty clever but I might have to spend a few extra years in purgatory and get a letter from the pope for that one :).Love it. Welcome to the dark side and prepare for Mr Toad’s wild ride.

  4. Wow Jorge! Congratulations! Another inspirational story. I’m sure it will be an excellent and BI fun filled adventure! I’m a big Brian Knight fan, I think I have all his books. I’ve recently started watching the BI Summer School – and he and Devin are hilarious! Who couldve thought a BI course could be entertaining!

    All I can say is – lucky you!

    1. Ha thanks Donabelle! Yeah they guys over at Pragmatic are all awesome like that. The people there and the culture they’ve developed at the company was one of the biggest draws for me. In addition to that I’ve always wanted to learn and get hands-on with BI stack and who better to learn from than those guys? ๐Ÿ˜€

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