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SQL Server Denali CTP3: Policy Based Management

Whether you know it or not, Policy-Based Management is an integral part of the new release of SQL Server “Denali”. Did you know that the HADR feature actually leverages PBM for checks? Yup, that’s right folks. If you’re an administrator and you’re NOT using Policy-Based Management yet, I highly recommend you pick up a book and check it out!

So what’s new in SQL Server “Denali” CTP3 for Policy-Based Management? I just got the shrink wrap off of it (I’m not quite the go-getter that Aaron Nelson is) but at a quick glance here’s the changes I see. These comparisons were made with listing of facets between SQL Server 2008 R2 and the new “Denali” CTP3 release.


We now have 84 facets (as opposed to 76 in 2008 R2). These are our new facets and their applicable target types!

Availability Database – Exposes properies of the Availability Database object
Applicable Target Types: AvailabilityDatabase
Availability Group – Exposes properies of the Availability Group object
Applicable Target Types: AvailabilityGroup
Availability Group State – Exposes properies of the Availability Group
Applicable Target Types: AvailabilityGroup
Availability Replica – Exposes properties of the Availability Replica object.
Applicable Target Types: AvailabilityReplica
Database Replica State – Exposes the properties of physical database replicas participating in an availability group.
Applicable Target Types: DatabaseReplicaState
Search Property List – Exposes properties of the Search Property List object
Applicable Target Types: SearchPropertyList
Sequence – Exposes properties of the sequence object.
Applicable Target Types: Sequence
Server Role – Exposes properties of the ServerRole object.
Applicable Target Types: ServerRole


Again, this still has that new install smell so I haven’t had time to mess around with it but I’ll soon be posting some new policies using these facets so you can get an idea of what you can do administratively using Policy-Based Management and these new facets.

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