Business Objects on Linux and SQL Server

This is just a quick post to share a lesson learned while I was on an engagement where the client’s reporting environment was using SAP Business Objects (BO)running on Linux for reporting. We were doing a test to move the underlying data warehouse from another database platform to SQL Server 2008 R2.

As we changed connections over, however, we quickly ran into a roadblock. It seems when we tried to make a connection to SQL Server via BO we got the error of ‘Unable to bind to Configuration Objects WIS 10901’. What made this situation strange is that from a Windows box you could connect but from Linux itself, it wasn’t having any of it. After some digging around we found we needed a third party ODBC driver to make this connection work.

It was suggested to us by the folks at SAP that we use a third party driver for ODBC connectivity. We were pointed to drivers by DataDirect (NOTE: This is not an endorsement for said product, this is simply the solution we tried and went with. There are several third party vendors that offer Linux ODBC connectivity so please evaluate and choose what works for your environment). Have you run in to this issue before? How’d you handle it? Feel free to share your solutions in comments.

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