Forget NoSQL, I’m starting NoDEMO Movement!

Dancing is acceptable alternative to Demos

That’s right, NoDEMO baby. The NoSQL movement basically says data structure is a waste of your time*. Well you know what I say? I say demoes are a waste. If you come to see a speaker you’re not coming for the stuff on screen, it’s all about the speaker baby. So I propose the NoDemo movement. Doing a technical presentation? Don’t do one demo. It just wastes time and people won’t be looking at you. Look at you up there with your black-rimmed glasses, geeky (and probably free from another conference) t-shirt, and mandatory Apple product.

Want to see the product in action? Go download it yourself. When you present it’s all about you. Attendees came to hear your words flow like Wine. Not to see some mouse float around on screen and click things. Besides, demoes just confuse the masses. “You’re going too fast!”, “What’d you do there?”, “Why does that guy smell so funny?”. We’ve heard it all folks and it just takes time away from you droning on and on about technical specs. In lieu of demos I say you talk about it…in depth. Why show them when you can explain “when you open the menu there’s a small blue box in the top rigtht…well actually it’s kind of blue-gray, maybe more gray…anyhow click that and drag it over, just not all the way. You know between that and the other smallish box…which is kind of the same”. Doesn’t that sound like fun? You know it is. Plus it sharpens your public speaking skills like crazy!

*I really don’t know squat about NoSQL other than it sounds like going back to flat file-palooza to me. Don’t listen to me at all.