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SQL University: Basketball program!

Tom LaRock aka SQLRockstar
Tom LaRock aka SQLRockstar

Exciting news for SQL University today, we have now named Tom LaRock (Blog | Twitter) our head basketball coach at SQL University! A basketball program? For a virtual University? How’s that going to work? Well Tom details his plans in his blog post but here’s the general idea:

Each week Tom will hand-pick 5 players in the SQL community to put on the hardwood for that week. Think of them as Dream Team of the topic we’re covering that week. If I’m feeling saucy over the weekends I may Photoshop trading cards of each player he selects. We’ll see how everything plays out.

Practice! Practice! Practice! Tom will be coming up with practice drills for you students to follow to hone your newfound educational skills on the topic of the week. Just think of it as homework only with Coach Tom yelling at your to drag your butt back up the court and play some Defense!

I’m excited to see how this all pans out as it adds a nice dynamic to SQL University!

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