SQL University:Fall 2009 Syllabus

Listed below is the Fall 2009 Syllabus for SQL University. Please refer back here often as weekly topics/presenters/dates may be subject to change. Each week each professor is asked to present between 2 and 3 articles on a given topic. The days where you see as Optional are listed in case the presenter that week chooses to take advantage of that 3rd day.

For links to each session please check the main SQL University page.

Date Topic Presenter
9/29/2009 Basic Tools Jorge Segarra
10/1/2009 Basic Tools Pt2 Jorge Segarra
10/5/2009 Backups/Restores: Recovery Models Argenis Fernandez
10/7/2009 Backups/Restores: Backups Argenis Fernandez
10/9/2009 Backups/Restores: Restores
10/12/2009 Basic Admin Tasks I
Wendy Pastrick
10/14/2009 Basic Admin Tasks II
Jeremiah Peschka
10/16/2009 Optional
10/19/2009 SQL Internals I
Wendy Pastrick/Jeremiah P.
10/21/2009 SQL Internals II
Wendy Pastrick/Jeremiah P.
10/23/2009 Optional
10/26/2009 Security K. Brian Kelley
10/28/2009 Security K. Brian Kelley
10/30/2009 Optional
11/2/2009 History Week Jorge Segarra
11/4/2009 History Week Jorge Segarra
11/6/2009 Optional
11/9/2009 Indexes/Performance Tuning Josef Richberg
11/11/2009 Indexes/Performance Tuning Josef Richberg
11/13/2009 Optional
11/16/2009 Troubleshooting tips/techniques Chuck Lathrope
11/18/2009 Troubleshooting tips/techniques Chuck Lathrope
11/20/2009 Optional TBD
11/23/2009 Intro to BI: Reporting Govinds Yadav
11/25/2009 Intro to BI: Reporting Govinds Yadav
11/27/2009 Optional
11/30/2009 Intro to SSIS Josef Richberg
12/2/2009 Intro to SSIS Josef Richberg
12/4/2009 <<OPEN>>
12/7/2009 Replication Kendal Van Dyke
12/9/2009 Replication Kendal Van Dyke
12/11/2009 Optional
12/14/2009 Advanced Dev. I Govinds Yadav
12/16/2009 Advanced Dev II Govinds Yadav
12/18/2009 Advanced Dev III Govinds Yadav

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