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SQL University:Fall 2009 Syllabus

Listed below is the Fall 2009 Syllabus for SQL University. Please refer back here often as weekly topics/presenters/dates may be subject to change. Each week each professor is asked to present between 2 and 3 articles on a given topic. The days where you see as Optional are listed in case the presenter that week chooses to take advantage of that 3rd day.

For links to each session please check the main SQL University page.

Date Topic Presenter
9/29/2009 Basic Tools Jorge Segarra
10/1/2009 Basic Tools Pt2 Jorge Segarra
10/5/2009 Backups/Restores: Recovery Models Argenis Fernandez
10/7/2009 Backups/Restores: Backups Argenis Fernandez
10/9/2009 Backups/Restores: Restores
10/12/2009 Basic Admin Tasks I
Wendy Pastrick
10/14/2009 Basic Admin Tasks II
Jeremiah Peschka
10/16/2009 Optional
10/19/2009 SQL Internals I
Wendy Pastrick/Jeremiah P.
10/21/2009 SQL Internals II
Wendy Pastrick/Jeremiah P.
10/23/2009 Optional
10/26/2009 Security K. Brian Kelley
10/28/2009 Security K. Brian Kelley
10/30/2009 Optional
11/2/2009 History Week Jorge Segarra
11/4/2009 History Week Jorge Segarra
11/6/2009 Optional
11/9/2009 Indexes/Performance Tuning Josef Richberg
11/11/2009 Indexes/Performance Tuning Josef Richberg
11/13/2009 Optional
11/16/2009 Troubleshooting tips/techniques Chuck Lathrope
11/18/2009 Troubleshooting tips/techniques Chuck Lathrope
11/20/2009 Optional TBD
11/23/2009 Intro to BI: Reporting Govinds Yadav
11/25/2009 Intro to BI: Reporting Govinds Yadav
11/27/2009 Optional
11/30/2009 Intro to SSIS Josef Richberg
12/2/2009 Intro to SSIS Josef Richberg
12/4/2009 <<OPEN>>
12/7/2009 Replication Kendal Van Dyke
12/9/2009 Replication Kendal Van Dyke
12/11/2009 Optional
12/14/2009 Advanced Dev. I Govinds Yadav
12/16/2009 Advanced Dev II Govinds Yadav
12/18/2009 Advanced Dev III Govinds Yadav
SQL University Syndication

SQL University:Faculty and Bookstore

Good morning everyone! I just wanted to pass along this announcement that we now our page up for our inaugural faculty for SQL University. You can find the Faculty page here. Yesterday we unveiled our new SQL University bookstore. At the bookstore you can find book titles that are highly recommended by fellow DBA’s, developers and database professionals from around the world. In the future we will also be adding things such as various tools for you to try out so stay tuned for those.

Another announcement is that tonight at 8pm EST Tom LaRock (Blog | Twitter)¬†will be holding his weekly broadcast on UStream for the PASS Elections. We have chosen this forum as our press conference as the invitation has been extended to him to become SQL University’s athletic director. What does that job entail? Well come join us in the broadcast and find out as its going to be a REALLY exciting dynamic to SQL University!


Going to be Co-Authoring a Book…

This weekend I had quite the shock (other than realization that¬†Ikea is overrated) in that I was asked to co-author a new book with 2 others authors: Ken Simmons (Blog | Twitter) and Colin Stasiuk (Blog | Twitter). As Colin mentioned in his blog post I’m EXTREMELY honored to even be considered for this project so huge thank you to Ken for getting this together. I bookmarked an article earlier this morning on Readitlater about starting the writing process but any and all advice is welcome and appreciated!