My SQLSaturday Presentations: See Them Live!

Well the title says it all and you’re thinking “well obviously we’ll see it live if we’re there” but that’s not the big news: I’ll be broadcasting my SQLSaturday sessions via LiveMeeting this Saturday! That’s right, for those who can’t make it and want to get a taste of SQLSaturday, join us in my sessions over the internet! Big thanks to Jermiah Peschka (Blog | Twitter) for setting this up for me. Links to the LiveMeetings are listed below for the two sessions I’ll be doing:

UPDATE: Ok Jonathan Kehayias (Blog | Twitter) has brought to my attention that internet at the event might be spotty at best so this live event may or may not happen. Follow me on Twitter for updates as they happen…

Policy Based Management 101 (10:15 am-11:15 am EST) – LiveMeeting Link

Twitter and SQL Server:A Perfect UNION (1:15-1:30 pm EST) – LiveMeeting Link

I’m going to try and have the sessions recorded, let’s see how it goes!

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SQL University:Computer Lab at

Good afternoon students, this is just a quick announcement to let you know that SQL University (sort of) is offering a computer lab for students to cut their teeth on SQL 2008 technology. I say sort of because this lab is actually offered via a partnership with PASS, Maximum ASP, and DELL Computers at .

The labs offer up a virtual sandbox environment where you can discover and practice everything you learn here in a dedicated hosted environment! Here’s the lab description:

The beta team has created a Microsoft® Hyper-V™ based private cloud to host individual instances of Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 on which you can perform your experiments.  You will have access to a Hyper-V instance and SA rights to a SQL Server Instance. The instance is available to you for three continuous hours and you are welcome to come back and use the beta instance as often as you like.
We have included the following sample databases for you to perform your experiment upon:
  • Adventure Works 2008 OLTP
  • Adventure Works 2008 DW
  • Adventure Works 2008 AS
  • Adventure Works 2008 LT

We will be adding additional labs in the coming months in preparation for the release of SQL Server 2008 R2, so check back often.

So how do you get in on this great deal? Well just head on over to and Register!

Contest for SQLSaturday #21 Seminars

As if next week couldn’t get any better, Andy Warren went and jacked up the awesome factor. Details of the contest are below but HURRY! The contest ends tomorrow (Sunday) at 5pm.

THE MAIN PRIZE: Free attendance at any of the seminars next week, a $149 value!

THE CONSOLATION PRIZE: We’ve got three runner up prizes, a super discounted price of $99 for any seminar next week.

THE CONTEST: Correctly answer all three of the following questions:

  1. Which speaker ‘spins’ a good story?
  2. Which session seems to be the most fishy?
  3. Which speaker (hint: could be multiple answers) is speaking at a SQLSaturday for the first time?

HOW TO SUBMIT: Email your answers to with a subject of ‘Seminar Contest’. Entries must be received by 5 pm on Sunday and will be announced later Sunday evening – along with one more exciting contest!

Good luck! 

SQLSaturday #21:Orlando

SQLSaturday is gonna be HUUUUUUGE!
SQLSaturday #21 is gonna be HUUUUUUGE!

I’m excited about next weekend’s SQLSaturday as its going to be one HUGE event. If you live anywhere in the Southeastern United States you should be excited as well! Why? Well for starters next is, for all intents and purposes this is going to be like PASS Summit: East Coast Edition.

For starters, the week leading up to SQL Saturday will feature some top-notch seminars. Each seminar is $149 and includes full-day training as well as lunch. Here’s the seminar schedule for the week:

Monday: Essentials of Managing SQL Server by Andy Warren (Blog | LinkedIn)

Tuesday: Learn BI in a Day by Brian Knight (Blog | Twitter)

Wednesday: Real World Performance Tuning by Kevin Kline (Blog | Twitter)

Thursday: From Zero to SSIS by Andy Leonard (Blog | Twitter)

Friday: Performance Tuning Methodology by Buck Woody (Blog | Twitter)

In addition use code “KKLINE” to get a 20% discount if you register for two or more seminars! Even better if you sign up for the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday sessions together you can knock $200 off the price by using the discount code “Bundle” at checkout. Also worth noting is that Kevin Kline will be visiting various user groups around the state next week. Here’s the schedule:

  • Tuesday, Oct 13, Tampa SQL Server User Group (
  • Wednesday, Oct 14, Orlando SQL Server User Group (
  • Friday, Oct 15, Jacksonville SQL Server User Group (
  • And that’s just the week leading up to the main event!!!EXCLAMATIONPOINT

    On Saturday we have a plethora of great speakers and sessions. In addition to all the guys I’ve previously mentioned in this post we also have guys like Chad Miller (Blog | Twitter), Joe Celko (Blog), Joe Webb (Blog | Twitter), Kendal Van Dyke (Blog | Twitter), Jonathan Kehayias (Blog | Twitter), Ken Simmons (Blog | Twitter) and more presenting! This SQLSaturday is also seeing the introduction of the mini-sessions. Mini-sessions are 15-minute presentations aimed at first-time speakers to encourage them to present at a big event without the pressure of having to fill that hour time slot.

    So what are you waiting for? Oh what you want one more thing to entice you? Ok, how about free T-shirts for the first 150 to arrive to the event? Swag? We got it in spades. We only have a few seats left so hurry up and register!

    SQL University: Basketball program!

    Tom LaRock aka SQLRockstar
    Tom LaRock aka SQLRockstar

    Exciting news for SQL University today, we have now named Tom LaRock (Blog | Twitter) our head basketball coach at SQL University! A basketball program? For a virtual University? How’s that going to work? Well Tom details his plans in his blog post but here’s the general idea:

    Each week Tom will hand-pick 5 players in the SQL community to put on the hardwood for that week. Think of them as Dream Team of the topic we’re covering that week. If I’m feeling saucy over the weekends I may Photoshop trading cards of each player he selects. We’ll see how everything plays out.

    Practice! Practice! Practice! Tom will be coming up with practice drills for you students to follow to hone your newfound educational skills on the topic of the week. Just think of it as homework only with Coach Tom yelling at your to drag your butt back up the court and play some Defense!

    I’m excited to see how this all pans out as it adds a nice dynamic to SQL University!

    SQL University:Fall 2009 Syllabus

    Listed below is the Fall 2009 Syllabus for SQL University. Please refer back here often as weekly topics/presenters/dates may be subject to change. Each week each professor is asked to present between 2 and 3 articles on a given topic. The days where you see as Optional are listed in case the presenter that week chooses to take advantage of that 3rd day.

    For links to each session please check the main SQL University page.

    Date Topic Presenter
    9/29/2009 Basic Tools Jorge Segarra
    10/1/2009 Basic Tools Pt2 Jorge Segarra
    10/5/2009 Backups/Restores: Recovery Models Argenis Fernandez
    10/7/2009 Backups/Restores: Backups Argenis Fernandez
    10/9/2009 Backups/Restores: Restores
    10/12/2009 Basic Admin Tasks I
    Wendy Pastrick
    10/14/2009 Basic Admin Tasks II
    Jeremiah Peschka
    10/16/2009 Optional
    10/19/2009 SQL Internals I
    Wendy Pastrick/Jeremiah P.
    10/21/2009 SQL Internals II
    Wendy Pastrick/Jeremiah P.
    10/23/2009 Optional
    10/26/2009 Security K. Brian Kelley
    10/28/2009 Security K. Brian Kelley
    10/30/2009 Optional
    11/2/2009 History Week Jorge Segarra
    11/4/2009 History Week Jorge Segarra
    11/6/2009 Optional
    11/9/2009 Indexes/Performance Tuning Josef Richberg
    11/11/2009 Indexes/Performance Tuning Josef Richberg
    11/13/2009 Optional
    11/16/2009 Troubleshooting tips/techniques Chuck Lathrope
    11/18/2009 Troubleshooting tips/techniques Chuck Lathrope
    11/20/2009 Optional TBD
    11/23/2009 Intro to BI: Reporting Govinds Yadav
    11/25/2009 Intro to BI: Reporting Govinds Yadav
    11/27/2009 Optional
    11/30/2009 Intro to SSIS Josef Richberg
    12/2/2009 Intro to SSIS Josef Richberg
    12/4/2009 <<OPEN>>
    12/7/2009 Replication Kendal Van Dyke
    12/9/2009 Replication Kendal Van Dyke
    12/11/2009 Optional
    12/14/2009 Advanced Dev. I Govinds Yadav
    12/16/2009 Advanced Dev II Govinds Yadav
    12/18/2009 Advanced Dev III Govinds Yadav

    SQL University:Faculty and Bookstore

    Good morning everyone! I just wanted to pass along this announcement that we now our page up for our inaugural faculty for SQL University. You can find the Faculty page here. Yesterday we unveiled our new SQL University bookstore. At the bookstore you can find book titles that are highly recommended by fellow DBA’s, developers and database professionals from around the world. In the future we will also be adding things such as various tools for you to try out so stay tuned for those.

    Another announcement is that tonight at 8pm EST Tom LaRock (Blog | Twitter) will be holding his weekly broadcast on UStream for the PASS Elections. We have chosen this forum as our press conference as the invitation has been extended to him to become SQL University’s athletic director. What does that job entail? Well come join us in the broadcast and find out as its going to be a REALLY exciting dynamic to SQL University!